Formation "Domain Modeling made Functional"

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Functional programming and domain-driven design might not seem to be a good match, but in fact functional programming can be an excellent approach to designing decoupled, reusable systems with a rich domain model. This workshop will show you why.

This is a hands-on workshop by Scott Wlaschin, author of the book “Domain Modeling Made Functional”, and it’s designed for beginners in functional programming. You’ll do lots of domain modeling exercises starting with some simple models and then enhancing them with constraints, state machines, error handling, commands and events, and so on.

You will learn :


1000€ HT / person (1200€ TTC) for 2 days (Special offer for HYT Christmas : 780€ HT / personne)

Requirements and target audience

This workshop is aimed at software developers and it will be especially useful if you are learning functional programming – all concepts used in the workshop will be explained.
Previous development experience is recommended.
No prior knowledge of functional programming required.
The exercices will use F#, but no experience with F# is required.

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At the beginning of the training, a self-assessment is carried out to evaluate the level and expectations of each participant. In this way we can best organize the different working groups.
Afterwards, the trainer conducts an ongoing evaluation using the practical exercises.
At the end of the training, each participant's progress and achievements are self-evaluated. The trainer provides each participant with an evaluation, as well as areas for improvement.


The training is highly interactive with lots of hands-on.


Scott Wlaschin

Scott Wlaschin

Scott Wlaschin is a developer, architect, and author. He is the author of the popular F# website, and the book "Domain Modeling made Functional", published by Pragmatic Bookshelf.